Chase Trip 2009 Pays Off Big in Nebraska.


After 2+ weeks of fast paced chasing, fun and frustration – our hard work finally paid off. We had seen many great storms, had several “peeks” at short lived tornados and many good laughs along the way. Yet overall our storms had not been visually cooperative. 2009 has been a tough year for Chasers.

We started our day early, heading out of Kearney NE. There was a moderate risk forecast for SE Neb. and NE KS. The frustration mounted quickly as Tornadic storms fired early in KS. We found ourselves in a Datahole. Thanks AT&T. No Radar, Sat or updates for us. Not even a cell call. And with so much Precip we couldn’t even go visual. We were chasing blind.

We pretty much decided the day was a lost cause. So we moved north to Highway 80 to get cell reception. Low and behold some CU we beginning to pop in West Central NE. We managed to intercept the storm just as it began a brief tornado several miles west of Grand Island. We worked it for several hours and just before 9:30 pm it twisted big time just west of Aurora.

This event is highly documented. There are dozens of videos on Youtube, Including ours. Pics and Video don’t do it justice. It’s the closest I’ve ever been. And probably the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen. Certainly a highlight of my 9 years chasing.

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